Wedding Tips


Picking a wedding venue is a big deal and sometimes expensive. The whole process is overwhelming and most times it is difficult to search for a perfect wedding venue. Before you search for a wedding venue, it is important that you identify the kind of celebration you want and establish selection criteria early. Here are some important tips:

  • Location

In most cases, the couples will want a location that is easily accessible for their guests. The location of the wedding venue is paramount because it determines if your invitees will attend the wedding. In this case, the location of the wedding venue must be easily accessible by the guests.

  • Capacity

The next thing to consider is the venue's capacity, which reflects the number of guests that can be present at a time. When this is neglected, problems like congestion often arise and this will cause the intended colorful wedding to be a shabby one.

  • Cost implication

Do your homework and find out the cost of your desired wedding location. Determining how much you can afford will help you avoid the problem that comes from falling in love with a place that's well out of your price range. You don't want to spend more than 50% of your total wedding budget on your venue.

Rushing into contracts for a venue before you have all of the figures in front of you may leave you "house poor'. As a result, you will need to figure out what to cut out to compensate for overspending. Therefore it is important that you address the cost implication of a venue before entering into a contract.

  • Choose a venue to suit your personalities

Every couple is unique in their own way; therefore there is a need for you to agree with your spouse. You need to balance your differences in tastes in order to reach an agreement on a venue that satisfies you both. Choose a venue to suit your personalities combined into one!

  • Keep an open mind

It is true that not every venue will take your breath away. However, some unexpected venues may actually make your wedding day perfect! Keep your mind open to many ideas, themes and locations if possible, you will be surprised at what you find!

  • Consider the lighting

Lighting is one of the most forgotten elements in the search of a perfect wedding venue. There is no point in having a gorgeous venue if no one will see it! Make sure there is plenty of lighting to complement the spaces and your wedding theme.

  • Visit regularly

There is nothing wrong with going to see your top venue choices several times before you make a decision. Do not enter into a contract for a venue you are not sure of, take your time because your venue will definitely affect every other choice you make in regards to your upcoming wedding.



Time flies. So does every part of your social life. What was a trend centuries back could be termed out-phased today? Every day comes with it new discoveries or new advancement on what has already been discovered. Wedding decoration, like every other social activity, is experiencing this trend.

Most couples see their weddings as one in a lifetime thing. As such, they ensure that the best memories are captured and kept about that D-day when they tied the knot with their heartthrob.

Decoration has become an integral part of the wedding planning. So many designs are being showcased today by wedding planners. From simple to lavish decorations. From moderate to very ornate decorations.

Some of the things that make this great decoration include the blends of colors and floral and the choice of dresses to be worn. Another factor that adds to the glamour of today's wedding is the scenic sight and the ornaments used in decorations.

So, congratulations. It is your wedding day. What is your decoration choice like? Let us discuss some of the latest decoration trends that are being considered nowadays as stylish, elegant and trendy.

  • Color

Color adds glamour to the decoration and the scenic sight during a wedding ceremony. Ultraviolet is today considered as a trending color in wedding decoration. In most cases, the colors are chosen and agreed on prior to the wedding date so that the dress code for guests, bridesmaid, the couple and those within their social circle could match with the chosen color.

Black is another trending color. Black is the absence of all colors and as such makes, the scene looks alluringly enigmatic. Black is incorporated into stationery, the wedding dresses, the veils and curtains, including dinning clothes.

  • Hanging floral illumination

Hanging floral that illumes and radiates twinkling lights is trending now. These decorative pieces are blended to create an enchanting scenic sight that enthralls the view of guests and the celebrants. It is like adding a celestial aura to the wedding ceremony. It is a new concept that is conceptualized to reflect that sense of solemnity during a wedding ceremony.


  • Blend of antiquity and modernity

There seems a conscious effort at bringing antiquity to modernity in this day's wedding decoration trend. That royal cart stuff, the lush garden scene that characterized yester-centuries wedding are being brought back to reflect on today's modern decoration trend. Most modern architectural arrangements feature lush floral and garden design. Why not, it feels good to peep into what wedding ceremonies were like centuries ago.

  • The dress

There is currently a shift from what we hitherto knew as the trending wedding dress. These days, wedding dress designers over the world have already begun to conceptualize and roll out wedding dresses on the 3d lace, and 3d floral wedding trends.

This is obviously going to become a big fashionable trend, especially in lavish society weddings. Pearly dresses are making a huge impact within the wedding decorative trends nowadays, with many brides opting for dresses adorned and decked with pearls.

It is considered elegant, enchanting and grand in wedding fashion and decoration enthusiasts today.

  • Themes and decorative accessories

Glasswares, sculptural embellishments, among other decorative accessories have become the current wedding décor trend today. These ornate decorative accessories add glamour, glitz, and class to modern weddings. 




There are things that add glamour to your wedding. Finding a beautiful wife is one. Another is the person you are hiring as your wedding planner. Much lies in your wedding planners experience, versatility and ability to pull through a wedding within a planned budget, with long-lasting experience. But finding that perfect wedding planner is not a wishful daydream. It is an indispensable part of planning the wedding itself.

Choosing a wedding planner who knows his onus saves you stress and hassles in planning your wedding. Good wedding planners take away the burden of preparing a successful wedding off your shoulder.

From drawing your wedding budget to choosing the style of your wedding dress, a good wedding planner is an indispensable partner whose ideas, choices and suggestions count so much.

A wedding is considered successful and enchanting as a result of the planner's ability to integrate everything that is needed for the wedding to be successful – From the big things that matter most to the little things that add glamour to your wedding.

Great wedding planners abound, even in your neighborhood, but finding them is not as simple as wishing to have them. So, it becomes very important that you are well acquainted with certain traits and qualities to look out for when you are scouting for who plans that great D-day for you.

  • Passion

Look for who shares your passion and see the world from your eyes. Nothing is so disorganizing in planning a wedding when your wedding planner enjoys faulting everything you like. A good wedding planner peeps into your heart and knows what you like. Should there be changes or alteration to your choices, a good wedding planner gets the message to you in a more convincing way. Less argument, fewer hassles make a great wedding outing.

  • Dig up your wedding planner's experience and testimonials

Do not just pick your wedding planner. Be sure there are good testimonials about your wedding planner's experience, versatility, and ability to work within the budget. Having a good wedding planner gives you a whole lot of relief from the natural anxieties that go with planning and executing a wedding.

  • Give a clue of what you want and let your wedding planner creates a broader picture

Give the clues and leave the proofs to your wedding planner. The job of your wedding planner is to have a hint of what you want, from where a broader picture is created about your dream wedding. A good wedding planner simply makes things happen from simple inspirations and clues given.

  • Let your wedding planner have idea of what your wedding budget is

It's your wedding and the money will be provided by you. So, there is nothing absolutely wrong with letting your wedding planner know what your budget for the wedding is. A good wedding planner knows how to optimize resources and work with every budget for a successful wedding.

  • A good wedding planner knows where to get the best services at better rates for you

From negotiating wedding venues to vendor referrals, a good wedding planner should get you the best deals within the agreed budgets.